Friday, September 13, 2013

Bill Conti-1983-The Right Stuff(Varèse Sarabande-320kbps)

01. Breaking The Sound Barrier
02. Mach I
03. Training Hard/Russian Moon
04. Tango
05. Mach II
06. The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You/The Yellow Rose Of Texas/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Dixie
07. Yeager And The F104
08. Light This Candle
09. Glenn's Flight
10. Daybreak In Space
11. Yeager's Triumph
12. The Right Stuff(Single)

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The Right Stuff

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Elton John-Paul Buckmaster-1971-Friends(Paramount Records/Universal Music-320kbps)

01.Friends (02:20)
02.Honey Roll (03:00)
03.Variations On Friends (01:45)
04.Theme(The First Kiss)/Seasons (03:52)
05.Variations On Michelle's Song(A Day In The Country) (02:44)
06.Can I Put You On (05:52)
07.Michelle's Song (04:16)
08.I Meant To Do My Work Today(A Day In The Country) (01:33)
09.Four Moods (10:56)
10.Seasons Reprise (01:33)

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