Sunday, November 18, 2012

John Scott-1991-John Scott Conducts His Own Favorite Film Scores(JOS Records-320kbps)

01. The Final Countdown (Main Title)
02. The Shooting Party (Main Title)
03. North Dallas Forty (Suite)Main Titles, Buddies, The Girl, The Game
04. England Made Me (Suite)Main Titles, All On The Radio, Reichswehr March Of The 3rd Reich
05. The People That Time Forgot - March of the Nagas
06. Cousteau/Amazon
07. Outback (Suite)The Desert, The Treck, Madness, End Titles
08. Greaystoke (Suite)Child Of The Apes, Law Of The Jungle, Dancing Lesson, Return To The Jungle
09. Anthony And Cleopatra (Suite)Main Title, Confrontation With Pompey, Pretty Worm Of Nilus,She Shall Be Buried By Her Anthony 

Download Here:
John Scott Conducts His Own Favorite Film Scores

Or Here:
John Scott Conducts His Own Favorite Film Scores


    Link funciona mas não tem as musicas

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    Nao há problemas com o arquivo; talvez você não tenha feito o dowbload completo.

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