Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quincy Jones-1977-Roots(A&M Records-320kbps-LP rip)

01.The Motherland-Featuring Bill Summers(Bata Drums)
02.Roots Mural Theme-The Quincy Jones Orchestra
03.Main Title:Mama Aifambeni(Premiere Episode)-Featuring Letta Mbulu, Caiphus Semenya & The Wattsline Choir, Bill Summers(Bata Drum Ensemble)
04.Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself(Birth)-Featuring Letta Mbulu(Vocal & Chant)
05.Oluwa(Many Rains Ago)-(African Theme/African Version)Featuring Letta Mbulu with The Wattsline Choir
06.Boyhood To Manhood-Featuring Bill Summers(Percussion)& Zak Diouf(Vocal Solo/African Manhood Training)
07.The Toubob Is Here(The Capture)/Middle Passage(Slaveship Crossing)-Featuring Alex Hassilev(Sea Shanty)& The Wattsline(Toubob Chant)
08.You In Americuh Now, African-Featuring Lou Gossett With The Quincy Jones Orchestra
09.Roots Mural Theme Intro(Slave Auction)-Featuring The Quincy Jones Orchestra & Auctioneers
10.Ole Fiddler-Featuring Lou Gossett(Dialogue & Vocals)
11.Jumpin' De Broom Ceremony-Featuring Bobby Bruce(Hoedown Fiddle Solo)
12.What Can I Do?(Hush, Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name-Featuring Mortonette Jenkins, Charles May, The Wattsline Choir And Richard Tee(Organ & Piano)
13.Roots Mural Theme Bridge(Plantation Life)-The Quincy Jones Orchestra and Stan Haze (Wagon Dialogue)
14.Oh Lord, Come By Here-Featuring Reverend James Cleveland Conducting The Wattsline Choir And Richard Tee(Organ)
15.Free At Last(The Civil War)-Featuring Lou Gossett(Dialogue)And The Quincy Jones Orchestra
16.(Many Rains Ago)Oluwa-(African Theme/English Version)-Featuring Letta Mbulu(Vocal Solo)With The Quincy Jones Orchestra & The Wattsline Choir

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