Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dave Grusin/Simon & Garfunkel-1967-The Graduate(CBS Records-320kbps):
01.Sounds of silence (03:05)P.Simon
02.The singleman party foxtrot (02:50)D.Grusin
03.Mrs Robinson (01:11)P.Simon
04.Sunporch cha-cha-cha (02:51)D.Grusin
05.Scarborough fair/Canticle (01:39)(Interlude) P.Simon-A.Garfunkel
06.On the strip (01:59)D.Grusin
07.April come she will (01:49)P.Simon
08.The folks (02:27)D.Grusin
09.Scarborough fair/Canticle (06:22)P.Simon-A.Garfunkel
10.A great effect (04:05)D.Grusin
11.The big bright green pleasure machine (01:43)P.Simon
12.Whew (02:10)D.Grusin
13.Mrs Robinson (01:12)P.Simon
14.Sounds of silence (03:08)P.Simon

Download Here:
The Graduate

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