Thursday, March 28, 2013

John Gale-1973-Dr.Phibes Rises Again(Perseverance Records-192kbps)

01. Inscriptio (Main Title)
02. Melos Vulnaviae (Vulnavia's Theme)
03. Tutus Est? (Is It Safe)
04. Variationes de Exodo Currus (Variations on a Car Exit)
05. Biederbeck Parat Exire Londinium (Biederbeck Prepares to Leave London)
06. Serpentes! (Snakes!)
07. Saltatio Super Fluctis (Dance on the High Seas)
08. Meminissens Victoriae (Remembering Victoria)
09. Elixirum Vitae (The Elixir of Life)
10. Casa Febris (Cabin Fever)
11. Ad Aegytum (To Egypt)
12. In Catacumbas (Into the Catacombs)
13. Apere Gregem (Unveil the Band)
14. Decorans Sepulcrum (Decorating the Tomb)
15. Descensus Shavertis/Blandimentum Aquilae (Shaver's Descent/The Eagle's
16. Habebas Cenam Bonam? (Did You Have a Good Dinner?)
17. Sarcophagus Cedet Secreta Sua (The Sarcophagus Yields Its Secrets)
18. Diana Invenit Calvariam (Diana Finds the Skull)
19. Phibes Resimulatus (Phibes Remasked)
20. Adparatio Victoriae (Preparing Victoria)
21. Si Musica Sit Cibus Amoris... Canta (If Music Be the Food of ...)
22. Nox Mala Bakeri (Baker's Bad Night)
23. Phibes Recuperat Sarcophagum (Phibes Recovers the Sarcophagus)
24. Diana Ornata Est (Diana's Rigged)
25. Alicubi Super Arco [Forma Vocalis]
26. Non Adhibetus in Pictura Flexanima (Not Used in Film)
27. Non Adhibetus in Pictura Flexanima (Not Used in Film)
28. Non Adhibetus in Pictura Flexanima (Not Used in Film)
29. Alicubi Super Arco (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) [Forma Instrumentalis]

Download Here:
Dr Phibes Rises Again
Key to decode: !foxFvHIzNmnhCQYylwtx_G24UPRdEhzODg6aZnOxMFA


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